Adam Siao Him Fa

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Interview Adam Siao Him Fa

30 september 2023 - Masters


Adam Siao Him Fa made a solid start to the season, with a short program exceeding 100 points and a free skate surpassing 200 points. We met him after his victory at the Masters in Villard-de-Lans.


How do you feel about this competition? 

Adam: I am happy with my free skate despite having trouble getting onto the ice. But I was pretty relaxed, and I am very satisfied with my score. It’s the best score I've ever gotten by far. The program was not perfect. I can still improve it, but it's encouraging for a season start, and I achieved my goal of four quads in the free skate.


Was the score a goal in itself?

Adam: No, it’s a bonus. I focused on my performance to include four quads and two triple Axels. These early-season competitions are helping me prepare for the Grand Prix, then the European and World Championships.


Do you plan to evolve the technical content during the season?

Adam: That is not planned at this stage.


Last year, Cédric Tour had indicated that it was not planned to include the quadruple Lutz until there was a breakthrough on this jump. It seems that the breakthrough has indeed taken place!

NB: Adam currently has a 100% success rate on this jump, attempted and succeeded four times in his four early-season programs, with a special mention for the short program at the Masters, with GOE +3/4.

Adam: I went to Japan this summer to participate in The Ice tour. I skated with the best skaters in the world and trained with them daily. It was exciting and motivating. They inspired me. I changed my approach to the jump, and we also adjusted a specific point on the jump technique. Now, my success rate for the Lutz is 80-90%, and it’s my best quad. The goal is to achieve the same success rate on other quads.


What about the loop and the flip?

Adam: No, not on the loop for now. On the other hand, the flip is going well, but at the moment, my training is focused on the execution of programs, and I work less on the flip.


What is your next competition?

Adam: I’m heading straight to the Shanghai Trophy, where I have been invited. It will be a first for me and an additional experience.


You are participating in the Grand Prix of France and China, which are back-to-back over two weekends. This is probably not the schedule you had hoped for.

Adam: No, indeed, but that’s how it is! I will adapt.


What are your goals this year?

Adam: I am aiming for the Grand Prix Final. It was not a goal last season, but winning the French Grand Prix made us realize it was possible. However, I did not have a good performance at the NHK Trophy. This year, I know I have my chance. For the European and World Championships, we will see that later. For now, I am preparing my programs as best I can.


You also learned the backflip during the off-season.

Adam: Yes, I had always wanted to learn it. I worked on it with Rodolphe Maréchal, a helmet, and some protections. I had two big falls due to over-rotation, but no injuries!


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