28 January 2023

Interview Cédric Tour


Cédric Tour coaches Adam Siao Him Fa and Bradie Tennell in Nice. He was Adam’s coach in Espoo for the European Championships and the two of them brought back a very nice gold medal from Finland. We met with Cédric to talk about Adam, Bradie, and his career as a coach.


Solène: After the short program, Adam had a lead of more than ten points and the title of European champion was already almost in his hands. How does one remain calm in this type of situation and not give in to euphoria?

Cédric: Adam was very lucid about the fact that the competition was not over, that nothing was certain and that he needed a good performance to get the title. For my part, I didn't think too much about it, I was focused on his free program so that he could perform as well as possible.


Solène: You kept the technical content of the Grands Prix, with three quadruples (Salchow and toe loops) and no quadruple Lutz in the free program. What is your idea for the next competitions?

Cédric: At the moment, we don't want to include the quadruple Lutz in the free program at the World Championships. But never say never. If we see a big improvement in training on this jump, we might still change our mind. The initial idea of placing a triple Lutz at the start of the program was to make it into a quadruple during the season, but we realized that it was good for Adam to start with something easier than a quadruple Salchow or toe loop, to feel connected with the ice. We had tried to include the quadruple Lutz during the Coupe de Nice, but it was a bit early.


Solène: Adam seems to have a strong taste for jumps!

Cédric: It's clear that he likes them... The objective is to seek superior technical content step by step, with the Olympic Games in our sight. We've had a lot of equipment issues lately, and we've been focusing on repeating programs rather than increasing technical content.


Solène: Adam joined your club in Nice last summer. How did you start working together?

Cédric: Adam was already working with Benoît Richaud and I took part in the summer courses. We had seen each other in Pralognan the year before. We were getting along well. Besides, Adam had a very good relationship with Rodolphe Maréchal, his former trainer.


Solène: How do you share the different roles between Benoît, Rodolphe, and yourself?

Cédric: Everyone brings something. Rodolphe and I usually work on the same axes, even if I will focus a little more on the details in the program. Benoît works on the quality of skating with Adam, and of course the choreography of his programs.


Solène: You also work with Bradie Tennell, who joined the club as well.

Cédric: Yes, and she just won the silver medal at the US national championship!!


Solène: Do all three of you also work with Bradie? We mainly saw Benoît with her during the Grands Prix.

Cédric: I also work with Bradie, and I will go with her to Four Continents.


Solène: Do you see any emulation between Adam and Bradie?

Cédric: It's hard to gauge but I think they would miss it if they weren't on the ice together. It's motivating to see another skater jumping next to you.


Solène: How do you answer when people ask you about your profession? Skating coach or music composer?

Cédric: I am a skating coach above all and I practice music on the side. I like both disciplines but skating is my main professional activity, and even more so this year. Adam and Bradie are my priority.


Solène: What was your musical background?

Cédric: I discovered music around the age of seven. I took a few guitar lessons but it became incompatible with my skating training, so I had to quit. I continued on my own later. Music fascinates me. I played the drums, bass and cello, in addition to the piano. I compose music for skating programs, but also outside of skating.


Solène: You created musical montages for Kaori Sakamoto and Daniel Grassl. How did it happen?

Cédric: It happened thanks to Benoît, whom I thank for his trust. I am delighted with these collaborations, especially when I can bring my own touch.


Solène: What are your musical inspirations?

Cédric: I really like contemporary classical: music composers like Max Richter, Ólafur Arnalds, but also blues and jazz.


Solène MATHIEU for Skate Info Glace