Interview Guillaume Cizeron

April 21st 2023


2022 Olympic champions Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron have confirmed they will not compete next year. Before one of the shows of the French team tour, Guillaume told us about his projects.


Solène: How is the French tour going?

Guillaume: We were not competing this year so it is particularly nice to spend time with the French team during this yearly tour. We are at home and it is important to us that these shows can take place. This year I have the pleasure of choreographing them. It's a new challenge for me.


Solène: Did you watch the World Championships? I know you worked with Madison Chock & Evan Bates and Evgeniia Lopareva & Geoffrey Brissaud on their programs. 

Guillaume: I watched the programs of the skaters I worked with, as well as a few other skaters I'm close to. I like bringing my touch as a choreographer. It's gratifying, I feel useful. It enabled me to create a new connection with these athletes and to enter their universe. It's a great exchange!


Solène: Evgeniia and Geoffrey told me they wanted to continue working with you on their new programs.

Guillaume: Yes, I hope we can do it! It's difficult to find the time to see one another, but we would like to work together again on their next programs. I will also choreograph Océane Piegad and Denys Strekalin’s new programs, just after the French tour.


Solène: Can we expect to see you behind the board at some ISU competitions next year?

Guillaume: No (laughs). I give a hand to the skaters who ask me, especially at the Ice Academy in Montreal, but I will not be behind the board or in the Kiss & Cry.


Solène: Do you still live in Montreal?

Guillaume: Yes! I plan to stay there as long as figure skating is so important in my life. The question may arise later.


Solène: What are your plans this summer?

Guillaume: Gabriella and I will participate in the Fantasy on Ice and The Ice tours in Japan.


Solène: During an interview, Stéphane Lambiel told me he would love to skate a program with you.

Guillaume: Yes! I would love that too. Stéphane is a long-time friend. We have this goal of skating together, we just have to find the time, which is not easy at the moment! We had a lot of fun working together on our free dance in 2018-2019, which he had choreographed. When I was a child, I did not watch figure skating on television a lot, but I really admired Stéphane.


Solène: Gabriella is planning to skate with Madison Hubbell and the Canadian federation recently began to abolish gender norms in pair skating and ice dancing, specifying that these disciplines needed two partners, without referring to a man and a woman. What do you think?

Guillaume: It's really good that the Canadian Federation is leading the way. We have to try it and I think it speaks to the public and the skaters. It will then be necessary to be open-minded to adjust the regulations. But let's not forget that we skate above all for fun. We skate because it inspires us. Everyone should be able to do what he or she wants. There will always be people against it, but a lot of skaters want this freedom.


Solène MATHIEU - Skate Info Glace