© SIG - Kate Royan
© SIG - Kate Royan

A few words with Laurine LECAVELIER

Saint Gervais - August 2016


S.I.G. : The end of last season was particularly difficult for you, at Worlds in Boston, you skated although you were  injured. Can you tell us what happened ? 


Laurine L : Following repetitive falls, I ended up with a psoas wound and it triggered a pubalgia, then a pubic bone stress fracture.  


- But you keep on skating ?

- Yes, for about one month, one month and a half...


- Then ?

- I had one month of full rest. Next, I went carefully back on the ice, just sliding around, and I started building my new programs, while having a few rehebilitation exercises. 


- Can we talk about these new programs ?

- Of course, we have to ! (laughs) For the short, I selected "Experience" by Ludovico Einaudi with, as a main theme, silence and sign language. It's a bit hard to explain...


- It has to be seen rather than described...

- Right, exactly.


- I gather you got your inspiration from your elder sister Annabelle, who was born deaf.

- True. That's a way to make her even prouder of what she did for me. She is a great support in my sport life, I wanted to thank her. The emotion conveyed by the music is a perfect match with the theme. It's a beautiful opportunity.


- What about your free program ?

- It's a Grease medley, based upon Sandy's character exclusively. 


- Why Grease ? It's hardly your music generation...

- We were looking for something that would fit with me physically. We thought of Marilyn Monroe, but I wanted something less common, more mature. Not that Marylin is an immature theme, but I wanted something that would suit my personnality better. Annick (*  Dumont) got the right idea, I fell in love with the first part of the music and the second was immediately obvious, since everything had to tally with the main scenes of the movie. So we chose the most popular.


- Did you build these programs before moving to Nice ? (*  Laurine recently switched coaches

- Yes. I decided to leave Pôle France of Bercy (Paris), and I handled things with Fabian (* Bourzat, her choreographer). We worked on the structure of the programs, the order of elements, the music and it's cutting. Then, Katia (*Gentelet, her new coach), joined the project. 


- Ritual question that S.I.G. asks all its interviewees : what is your main force and, on the other hand, your main flaw ? 

- I'd say that my main force lies in the fact I am a relentless worker. My main flaw : I always put everything into question, I am sceptical about everything. 

© SIG/Myriography - Myriam Cawston - Bompard 2015
© SIG/Myriography - Myriam Cawston - Bompard 2015

- Your goals for the forthcoming season ?

- Mine or the federation's ?



- Yours first. But let's talk about both and see if they match ! 

- I would very much like to become a national champion ! And, as rehearsal, I'd like to win Masters (* French test competition, opening the season in October). I would also like to get as close as possible to the European podium and to rank in the top 15 at Worlds. That's what I think I can do. Now, FFSG wants to see me on the podium of Grand Prix de France. I'm a bit dubious... 


- One has to be ambitious ! It will also depends on the roster... 

- Yes, why not. Everything's possible, it's competition. But I also have other goals set by the federation, and they look beyond reach...  A medal at Euros and a top 10 at Worlds ? In light of last season, I think I need a bit more time...


- How are your practices in Nice ? Different from Bercy ? 

- It's a much more thought out process, nothing is done in haste. Quality takes precedence over quantity. 


- It's more like you  ?

- Yes, because when I do too much, I tend to get injured quickly. Now, I'm the one controlling the number of jumps I make, according to my physical shape. The intensity of my training is carefully designed by Katia. She is very attentive, and very in tune with my feelings. And she is the one who has the last word ! 


- You are in Saint Gervais because your coach is here with her junior trainees Pauline Wanner and Julie Froestcher. Do you have ice time ?

- No, I have physical training only.


- What is it made up of ?

- Lots of jogging, exercises in positions to dissociate the upper and lower body, exercises in muscular strenghtening, dorsal and abdominal bearing to avoid injuries, and a lot of work on rotations and visual spacial intelligence.   


- Jogging in this heatwave ? Do you hold on ?  (* Temperatures in St Gervais are currently up to 35°C/95°F)

- More or less ! 



Laurine's first competition will be French Masters in Villard de Lans, from October 6 to 8.


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© SIG/Myriography - Myriam Cawston - Boston 2016
© SIG/Myriography - Myriam Cawston - Boston 2016