Japanese team - From top to bottom : Rino Matsuike, Rika Watanabe, Kaori Sakamoto
Japanese team - From top to bottom : Rino Matsuike, Rika Watanabe, Kaori Sakamoto

Skate Canada - Ladies Short program

October 27 2023

Two times World champion is not lacking! 75,13 points and, of course, first place for Kaori Sakamoto. She pulls off the whole of the technical elements in this short program (including a triple flip/tripe toe loop combo). Compared to her SP last year, her choreography to "Baby, God Bless You" by Shinya Kiyozuka lacks character. 

"My flip was somewhat off center and I hesited over following up with a a tripe toe loop, but my coach screamed from the board for me to do it". 

Kaori Sakamoto
Kaori Sakamoto


After a 3rd place at Junior Grand Prix Finale last year,  Chaeyeon Kim successfully enters her first Skate Canada! Her technical content is properly commanded and clean. With 70,31 points, she is currently second.  Son contenu 

"I was stressed out but my programme went well, except for a spin that was granted with a level 3 only. I aim for a qualification to the Grand Prix Finale". 



To a pretty "One Day I'll Fly Away" (original soundtrack of Moulin Rouge), Rino Matsuike from Japan is 3rd (66,29 points) even if her combo triple Luts/triple toe loop is doubly penalazied (edge and rotation). 

"The combo didn't go as planned, but I am happy with my performance as a whole, and to be injury free, it had been a while!"


Audrey Shin carries out a flawless program, with a vey beautiful combo of two triple toe loops, a triple loop and a double Axel. She takes a nice 4th place (65,19 points).


With a performance all soft and delicate, which suits her personality, American  Lindsay Thorngren is 5th  (61,99 points). With a third place at Juinor Worlds in 2022, she had looked as one of the most promising skaters of the future, without being able to confirm the hopes placed on her last season. Her short program in Vancouver is of good standard, with reasonable success on her jumps, even if her triple toe loop is underrotated.  Her spins are among the most beautiful in the world, with higly positive GOEs, nevertheless some levels elude her (two level 3 spins). 


To "Alien Superstar" by Beyoncé, American Starr Andrews ranks 6th (61,07 points). Her triple toe loops combo and her double Axel are nicely completed. The triple loop is a bit woobly, even though she seemed at ease with this element during practice. 


For titleholder Rinka Watanabe, C'est une douche froide pour la tenante du titre Rinka Watanabe. Son double Axel et son triple Lutz passent sans problème mais la Japonaise chute sur le triple boucle l'empêchant de réaliser la combinaison. Elle obtient 57,52 points et la septième place. A noter que Rinka n'avait pas souhaité inclure de triple Axel dans ce programme mais se réserve peut-être cette possibilité pour le programme libre.