© S.I.G. Alice Alvarez
© S.I.G. Alice Alvarez

I.A.L.C. (*) : Kevin Aymoz

(*) I.A.L.C. = Interview A La Con. Concept emprunté à Konbini, media d'info-divertissement, et son "Fast and Curious". C'est très simple, l'interviewé/e doit choisir entre deux mots dans une série de quinze questions,  et n'a le droit de répondre qu'une fois "les deux" et qu'une fois "aucun". 


Merci à Solène pour avoir tenu la caméra !

English transcription


The Lousy Interview


Concept borrowed from Konbini "Fast and Furious Q&A". The interviewee must pick out one word out of two in a series of 15 to 20 questions. S/He can only use two wild cards and only once : "both" and "neither".


Many thanks to Solene for holding the camera!



- Glass half full or half empty?

Kevin: Half full.

- Mountains or the sea?

Kevin: Both!

- Cheese or dessert?

K : Dessert.

- Pajamas or nothing at all?

K:  Nothing at all it's more fun...

- Earlier or late riser?

K : Oh, late!

- Winter or summer?

K: Summer.

- Angel or demon?

K (makes horns with his fingers): Demon !

- Pizza or hamburger?

K: Oh, burgers!!

- Unicorn or aqua-poney?

K: Mmmm neither!

- Red or green?

K: Green.

- Open or closed door?

K (thinks for a while): Open door.



- Movie or TV series?


K: TV series.

- Poker or video game?

K: Poker.

- Spider or snake?

K: Snake!

- Checkered or polka dots?

K: Checkered.

- Chen or Hanyu?

K: Help...

- You already played the "both" wild card...

K: You are MEAN!

- Yes, I can confirm that (laughs)

K (dramatic voice): It's like chosing between my father and my mother!

- But you have to...

K: Help... It's too hard... 

- Really? Do I have to grant you with a special wild card then? But it's only because it's you...



- Holy cow! I thought you wanted to say "both"!! 


Questions asked by Kate Royan