Interview Nina Pinzarrone

9 september 2023 - Lombardia Trophy


Solène: How did you feel about your two programs?

Nina: I was very disappointed after the short program. I know I can do much better. I’m not sure what happened. The free skate went better. It wasn't exactly as I had envisioned, but it's the first competition of the season. I'm sure it'll improve. I couldn't land the combo during the first jump sequence, but I managed to do it later in the program.


Solène: Can you tell us about your programs for this season?

Nina: My free skate is set to music from the ballet Spartacus. I aim to portray its story. I like the dress that I'm wearing. I think it goes well with the music and myself. My short program uses the music from Charms. It tells the story of a girl alone at home, watching others play outside. By the end of the program, she's free, having fun, and enjoying life. I try to interpret two different parts in this program – first a sad part longing for something different, and then a joyful and free part.


Solène: Evgenia Medvedeva skated this program in 2016. You were very young, do you remember?

Nina: I was young, but I was already watching on TV! I loved that program and Evgenia's interpretation. I've kept that program in mind and I want to skate as well as she did, but I also want to show something different and be myself.


Solène: You worked with Benoît Richaud again this year on your programs. Can you tell us about it?

Nina: Benoît has a unique and fascinating approach to choreography. He is passionate about what he does. He aims to create a perfect choreography that suits me and one I feel comfortable with. I love working with him!


Solène: You also took part in the Peak Ice camp with Benoît Richaud and Cédric Tour among others, didn't you?

Nina: Yes, I've been attending that camp for several years now. I love the content and the coaches I get to work with. The camp location varies; this year, it was close to the beach in the Basque Country, which was delightful!


Solène: So, you shared the ice with Adam Siao Him Fa?

Nina: He was there for only a week because he was also performing in shows in Japan, but it was very motivating to train with him.


Solène: What are your goals this year?

Nina: Have fun, and show the audience and judges that I've improved. I'll also try to beat my point records in both the short and free programs.


Solène: You achieved good results at the European and World Championships last year. The audience knows you well now. How do you feel about that?

Nina: It adds a bit of pressure, but I'll keep doing my best. But it's very positive, I'm glad people know me!


Solène: You will participate in two stages of the Grand Prix for the first time!

Nina: Last year, I was selected for the Grand Prix but had to withdraw due to an injury. I was very disappointed, but I knew I had to persevere and I would make it. I'm thrilled to be able to skate in the Grand Prix this year. I'm happy to go to Angers, to the Grand Prix of France, in a familiar environment not far from my home. I'll also compete at the NHK Trophy. I was in Japan a few months ago for the World Championships, but this is in another city (Osaka). These events always draw significant audience support and are a joy to compete in.


Solène: You skated a gala program to a song by Angèle, a Belgian artist. I imagine it was a tribute to your Belgian roots.

Nina: Angèle is an artist I really like. I'd love to see her in concert. The fact that she's Belgian like me is even better!


Solène: We're here in Italy for the Lombardia Trophy. I believe that Italy is also part of your familial background.

Nina: Yes, my father is Italian. I learned a bit of the language at school, but I don't speak it well. I'd like to get more into it one day.


In the meantime, Nina is already fluent in French, Dutch, and English!

Solène MATHIEU - Skate Info Glace